The Mysterious Levitation

Royal Magic sets come with cardboard punch out tricks that are often as dazzling to watch as seeing a spike go through a solid coin. The original version of this punch out used a symmetrical image. In order to get the two magicians to balance at the tip of a finger, I used an Illustrator plugin that measures area and just kept tweaking the forms until the two halves were equal.


The Boomerangs

For their next trick, the prestidigitating pair had to be the same height. They're then printed on curved cards with angled markings that cause an optical illusion to take place. The person on the left usually appears taller.


The Floating Tricksters

Penn & Teller do eventually get their feet on the ground and their heads back to their respective spaces. In their final paper appearance, their likeness is made to float right out of an open palm.